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How BEAM Supports

Public Health Organizations

A Stronger Workforce, More Successful Programs, Improved Outcomes

A robust (re)accreditation portfolio 

By filling a well-established knowledge gap,* BEAM helps organizations meet workforce development strategy requirements outlined by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). 

A stronger case for funding 

BEAM supports public health organizations in their roles as responsible stewards of taxpayer funds. A solid financial management track record positions these organizations for future state and federal funding. 

Advancement of best practices 

Equipped with the tools and takeaways from the program, BEAM graduates are able to promote best practices and improved outcomes within their organizations and over time, across the public health sector.

Recruitment and retention 

By offering access to an engaging learning opportunity that leads to a respected credential, organizations can help satisfy the professional goals of a new generation of public health professionals.

How BEAM Supports

Public Health Professionals

Critical Professional Knowledge, a Respected Credential, Enhanced Career Prospects 

Real-life, applicable learnings 

Program case studies and resources draw from salient governmental public health scenarios. Students are able to immediately implement what they learn in both governmental and nonprofit public health workplace settings.

Critical thinking and problem-solving 

BEAM encourages students to think and manage programs analytically and strategically – universal skills that help motivate, innovate and drive administrative, managerial and organizational accomplishments. 

A prestigious credential  

Students who successfully complete the program receive a University of Miami certificate signed by the deans of the schools of medicine and business.

* In the 2017 Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS), 55% of state and local governmental public health professionals said they lacked skills in budget and financial management. 

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