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BEAM - Designed by Public Health Professionals for Public Health Professionals

More than half of the state and local governmental public health workforce has identified budgeting and financial management as their top training need*. Yet these critical disciplines have been missing in most public health education programs. To address that gap, BEAM offers a valuable pathway to learn, lead, and thrive. 

A cohesive public health business curriculum

BEAM eliminates the need to search through and compile hundreds, often unrelated, courses to meet business-focused training requirements. BEAM’s six modules are packaged into one robust integrated business curriculum informed by the needs public health professionals have identified.

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Built on practice experience and expertise

BEAM was designed by nationally recognized public health leaders and practitioners at the University of Miami’s public health and business programs, the
de Beaumont Foundation, and other organizations.

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User-friendly, self-paced learning

BEAM’s online platform allows students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedules. Engaging, real-world content is enhanced by videos and other leading-edge learning techniques.

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Affordably priced for organizations and individuals

Compared with MBA and many other business programs, BEAM is affordable. Volume discounts are available to governmental and non-profit public health organizations.

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*In the 2017 Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS), 55% of state and local governmental public health professionals said they lacked skills in budget and financial management. 

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