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Public Health Organizations

Build a stronger workforce, more successful programs, and improved outcomes.

Public Health Professionals

Gain critical knowledge and skills while earning a respected credential.

The First Business Course Designed by Public Health

Professionals for Public Health Professionals 


Get real-world business and management training that uses public health examples. 


Complete the online course in 20 hours or less, at your own pace. 


Earn a certificate in business and management skills for $500 (or less with bulk discounts for organizations). 

What is BEAM? 

With a curriculum based on real-world public health scenarios, BEAM is an online certificate program in budget and financial management developed by nationally recognized public leaders and practitioners at the University of Miami’s public health and business programs, the de Beaumont Foundation, and other leading organizations.  

The curriculum covers these six critical areas: 

  • Strategic Problem Definition 

  • Budgeting

  • Procurement 

  • Contracts

  • Contract Monitoring

  • Financial Health 

Why BEAM? 

More than 55 percent of state and local government public health professionals say they lack training in budget and financial management.* This gap contributes to problems including: 

  • A lack of skills in budget, finance, and management among staff whose work in impacted by these areas

  • Financial risk

  • Inefficiency

  • Administrative waste

The BEAM certificate program was created to help fill those gaps by building the skills of the public health workforce. 

*In the 2017 Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS), 55% of state and local governmental public health professionals said they lacked skills in budget and financial management.


BEAM is the response to studies showing a deficit in business competencies at a time when public health organizations strive to be high-performing, high-outcome organizations. This program is therefore a good investment for employers to make on behalf of their employees, and for individuals to make in their professional futures, by building critical knowledge through an accessible format, at a reasonable cost, with top-tier faculty that knows how to deliver.

Lillian Rivera, RN, MSN, PhD

Administrator and Health Officer

Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County, 2007-2019

Board Member, Communities of Excellence 2026

Board Member, West Kendall Baptist Hospital

Space is limited, so enroll now!

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